First yoyo club of the new year is Saturday (January 2nd) at 4:00

Who is coming? New Tricks? New YoYos? Post it here!

I’m gonna finish the trick list, got a c13 yesterday, have a yye edition wooly on the way, and ive got Davids fhz.

New Tricks:
Nice new 5A GT
and Quadruple Iron Whip (I don’t know if that is cool or not I was just fooling around with 1A for once lol)

New YoYos:
OG Project
Jared’s old Trainwreck that I traded for last week
The Zero Tyler recessed for me

I’ll probably be there on Saturday, not sure yet. Pics of the C-13 Tyler? I’m still loving the Yoyojoes Severe, and I’ve made a few new 5a tricks. I’ve gotten a bunch of Lacerations if you haven’t seen my video yet.

DYonch, thanks for making this thread, it was a good idea.

Oh yeah and also DYonch, has your sister started designing those Yoyojoes Wall Of Famer shirt designs yet? I think I might give it a shot just to see if I can come up with anything.

I made a new trick called Square crow i might go this saturday…

Ya, she’s working on ideas and once Joe gives her some more ideas she’ll do it.

It is kinda hard for someone like you or me to do because you have to have artistic ability and pad print it.

Here is a claymation video she did a while back…

Keep in mind that sculpting isn’t her specialty.

happy joes pwned yoyojoes

Hey that’s pretty good! I liked it, couldn’t really watch the whole thing though, so I just skimmed through it.

And yeah, I looked at the Yoyojoes logo and then I was like, “how the heck could I possibly do this?” It seemed like a good idea at the time haha.

I think I can come. I got a YoYoExpert Wooly Marmot.

For me:

No new yoyos, but a nice EFan to Tangler combo, I might start 2A, and I’m working on two secret things.

why not work on those fhzs lol

i got a yye wooly and have an addiction on the way

i have to leve early today so anymone want to come today early? i got two new sweet combos and 3 new awsome whips

No new yoyos
1 new 5A trick (completely awesome), and I’ve been mastering some other stuff)

Mark has track so I guess out little 5A battle with JonRob will be delayed?

hoping to try some spyy stuff jonrob brings, new 1a trick, need some opinions on how my fh2 plays with a highwall i just did (1 side is schmooved, didnt feel like doing the other side), ADDICTION!!! and Galactic Goose, hoping to buy something…

I just got my galactic goose! yay:) david bring that awsome fhz that tyler siliconed i want to try it sooo bad

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I’ll try to bring everything next week.

I just learned Palidium Whip (and the 1A version).

Tyler’s new avatar looks good.

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you already have an awesome fhz i recessed :wink:

haha but it has stickers not silicone

That blue one just plays good for some reason.

And I think the sparkle Zeros have a different finish because that one definitely grinds better.