Yoyojam Transcend release?

Sorry if this is in the wrong section, I wasn’t sure where this would be best placed but has anyone heard anything for when the YYJ Transcend will be released? Or does anyone have any other information about it other than the teaser picture that was posted? If anyone who was at Cal States got to see it, please comment!

I tried Ben Conde’s prototype of it while I was staying at his house for Illinois States last year, and its very interesting. It is the signature of 2014 Womens World Champion Tessa Piccilo, and if I remember correctly feels like a more solid but faster playing Diamondback. That is all I know.

That’s awesome! Is it a bi-metal or a single metal? what does the shape look like?

from what i remember, it is just aluminum.

and i dont know if i can tell you what it looks like for the profile b/c Ben told me not to tell anyone about it until it was officially released (which i dont believe it is yet, correct me if im wrong), but it is very sleek looking and has the “grooves” kinda like the Theory however not the same profile, i can say that. :wink:

Here’s pics of it

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Hotpocket? Is that you?

Edit: or Tessa… I was there but I don’t remember who took the picture. I’m pretty sure that James was one half of the heart though.

That is exactly what I remember it being, except it was obviously raw.

It also seems that they increased the size of the face in the cup area. IE: where someone would put their finger for a fingerspin

Ive never played a diamondback, so how would you describe the play other than comparing it to a diamondback? and can lateral caps fit in it?

A Diamondback is like an organic shaped Phenom, and a Phenom is basically a fully metal, on-string version of a Rextreme. And all of the above can generally play pretty fast. For example…




I know I’m being greedy, but did anyone find out its weight? and thank you so much for the pictures!

Where they usually put it?

I would say yes. There arent many other place to put your finger for a horizontal fingerspin. Unless using a yoyo like the horizon or shutter that has a spot designed for your finger

Also Its gonna be released early to mid April if anyone else wanted to know

…Still excited!!! hahaha and now it’s April so its coming soon!!!