New Tessa Piccillo Signature Yo-Yo! The YoYoJam Transcend!

Tessa Piccillo is really making a name for herself in the modern yo-yo scene. She places well in almost every contest she enters and she recently took 1st in the 2014 WYYC Women’s Division! With a talented player like that on their team, YoYoJam knew it was time for a new signature model! This is Tessa’s first signature yo-yo, The Transcend!

YoYoJam worked closely with Tessa over the last few months to finalize the design of her new yo-yo. They quickly decided they wanted to create a competition level yo-yo that would fit any style and any budget. They went through prototype after prototype until they came up with a final design that fit Tessa’s style and that would appeal to the modern yo-yo player!

The Transcend is a full sized organic yo-yo that feels just as comfortable on the string as it does in the hand. It has a nice solid feel in play with excellent spin time and speed. The nice wide shape gives you all the stability you need for those long combos while the more centralized weight distribution gives you the maneuverability of a much smaller yo-yo. Truly a competition level yo-yo that will fit any style!

Join Tessa in her mission to go beyond expectations, and Transcend the boundaries of modern yo-yo play with the new Transcend!

Releases Tonight, May 14, @ 8PM EST!

oooh want this sooo bad!!! drooling right now1

Man, that’s crazy. Tessa and I were friends on YouTube around 2009-2011 and we commented on each other’s first Yo-Yo videos. It’s really awesome that she’s accomplished so much, and now a signature Yo-Yo. Wow.

Tessa and I

(Tips glasses)


slightly glances over to you with narrow eyes Really? Me and everyone here don’t care.

…everyone and I

tips glasses


I’ve been waiting for this yoyo since February. I am so happy to finally see it released

lol wut just happened.

You guys… chuckles heartily ;D

breaks glasses

Does anyone have one yet ?

Or has played one ? How does it play

Mine came today. It is amazing! i expected it to be good from the look and specs and because it’s gonna be Tessa’s, but it’s way better than I ever imagined. It’s like the perfect shape and the weight distribution is perfect. It’s really hard to get off axis. I’m new to horizontal play but the transcend seems to make it easier. Like it doesn’t tip back to regular play, it stays horizontal. It grinds nice too. I’ve only been arm grinding so far but it’s got a nice finish with these ridges all through inside toward the bearing that make it grind good. The cup has a nice ridge in it for finger spins too. And it plays fast. Like really fast. Like you can chill and just toss it around through some basic combos, but the yoyo just wants to go fast. I wasn’t expecting that. From the weight I expected it to be slower and I was pleasantly surprised.

Basically, you should get it. It’s awesome! Oh and it’s pretty quiet too. I put a center trac in it and it’s quieter than any of my other yoyos that use the same bearing. It’s not silent, but it’s definitely not loud. that was also unexpected. It’s a great yoyo, I’m glad I ordered it. This will be my daily throw for the foreseeable future.