yoyojam string questions

So I needs some string and I am going to buy from a cite like yyj but, I have never bought their string. I either am going to get the white 8 ply the pink 9 ply or the jam string. Which is the best one

I would either recommend 100% polys or 50/50 strings. They are very nice and last quite long. As for the Jam string, I have never tried it sorry.

You can buy it here.


Scroll down for bulk. I prefer 100% polyester, and my homemade ones.

I depends on preference, I think they only have 100% cotton type 8 and 50/50 cotton and poleyester. Type 9 is just 100% cotton. Cotton is thick, kinda rough i think, can slow down your yoyo, and tends to be more responsive. I would recommend 100% poleyester because it’s more slick, less reponsive, and not as thick as cotton. I would also recommend perfect fit strings more because its a little rough at first but gets less rough the more you play with it. If you add 4 string layers on it yoyo doesn’t snap back at you and it’s pretty cheap. It’s 80% polyester and 20% nylon, PM Jeromy K. if you want some (regular colors cost $3.00 for ten and glow in the dark costs $3.75 for ten).