Yoyojam Projam info???

So Yoyojam has a yoyo called the projam that they sell for special events/demos.

Does anyone own/tried one before? I want some information on it. I hear it has adjustable gap with starburst response and the quality is comparable to the kickside and journey. Does that mean it’s capable of responsive/unresponsive play?

hmm wish i could help. I just bought this yoyo for my son…it was the one the guy at the store recomended as a beginer yoyo…it was 10 bucks i really don’t know much about this stuff and am trying to learn…I know it is unresponsive but i had not heard anything about it being adjustable… ??? tHe store i got it at had a bunch in stock though…

Yes, I have a couple. I’d rate them comparable to most of the YYJ low end line. maybe a little lighter. capable of anything you can throw at it. The gap is adjustable like any YYJ w/o the new Solid Spin Axle System.