Any feedback on ProJam yoyos by YoYoJam?

We’re having a family reunion coming up, and I wanted to bring along some inexpensive yoyos to hand out to the kids and have some fun with. At the A2Z store in MA they had ProJam yoyos in several colors and end caps, with a butterfly shape, ball bearing, and twin starburst response. We bought a bunch since they were only $10, and did not require dealing with friction stickers like a Mosquito, etc. I have since learned that the are really only available in bulk, for promotional events, schools, etc. Has anyone actually played with one of these for a while? Any opinion on whether it’s a decent, non frustrating starter? I really liked the idea that whoever gets them will not have to fiddle with response systems, but still might be able to do some simple string tricks.

Manufacturer YoYoJam
Shape Butterfly
Color Various
Weight 62 grams
Dimensions 56mm Diameter, 39mm Width
Material Plastic
Bearing size 6x13x5
Response system Starburst

Well, they are basically Journey’s with Starburst response instead of O-Rings, and if you silicone it, it would probably play really well.