YoyoJam Phenom

Name of Yo-Yo: PHENOM
Company: YoyoJam
Skill Level: Pro, expert
Style of Play: 1A
Signature Yo-Yo of: Hiroyuki Suzuki (multiple World Yo-Yo Contest champion)
Weight: 69.32 g
Diameter: 2.202"/55.93 mm
Width: 1.561"/39.64 mm
Axle Size: YoyoJam Axle 6
Response System: YoyoJam Silicone O-Rings
Bearing: Dif-E-Yo KonKave bearing (Size C)
Material: Anodized aluminum (body), bronze rings (middle), 24 carat gold plating on rings
Yo-Yo Shape: V-Shaped
Price: $131-154 (depending on were bought)
Twist Apart: twist apart
Bind Required: Yes

In this review I will try to cover all that I can about this amazing work of art by YoyoJam! Let’s get started…
PACKAGING: Came in YYJ’s standard plastic neon green box. It also came with a neon green string. I can’t remember if it had two strings or not.
LOOK: I have the gold with silver rings version of the yo-yo (gold anodized body with nickel plated rims to be exact). It looks cool and the thing about it that really caught my eye when I got it was the caps. The caps are a little like mirrors and reflects the light, which I think is awesome. It also has a very sharp cutting shape that looks cool. The whole design of the shape is just stunning!
FEEL & PLAY: It feels and plays amazing! The shape fits perfectly in your hand. It plays smooth and fast. It has a fast feeling to it and it makes you want to do fast tricks and pro tricks and it can do them too! It can do horizontal tricks very well (I’m still working on horizontal, but I know it was made for it). NOTE- when I got the yo-yo, something was in the bearing. I put lube in it and it was fine after that and I haven’t had any other problems since then.
SPIN TIME: I haven’t really timed it to see how long it can spin, but I think it can spin for over a minute.
OVERALL: I love this yo-yo! This is my favorite yo-yo I have tried so far. Another awesome product by YoyoJam! I would highly recommend this yo-yo to anyone who wants a high performance, flashy looking yo-yo. Five star yo-yo for sure!

Thank you for reading this review. I hope it helps you! Have fun throwing!

God bless,

PS: I will end this review by saying this, this is my first review I have ever done. Hope you liked it! God bless you!

Nice review!
Is there anything you would change about it, or didnt like?

Also some Pics would be great :slight_smile:

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