yoyojam new yoyo drop

so i was sitting at dinner with my dad and he saw a tweet by yoyojam showing an awfully blurry picture of a yoyo…

heres a link


what do you all think?

i think they really need to let go of the side caps…


im excited then! two of some of my favorite companies doing something! … im excited!!!

Looks interesting, but I actually am not a fan of the caps. I kinda wish YYJ would start lasering their yoyos, because I do like their graphics

I’ve never liked the caps either. First thing I would do with my spinfaktors is take them off. Always looked cool to me with out them.

It looks BIMETAL!! One drop, then yyf, and even yoyojam! (Although yyj already has a bunch of bimetals)

i want muh nm7 first thx

I like the way that look a lot. Looking forward to seeing more!

Is that the 2SickYoyos logo I see on that side cap…? Interesting indeed…

It actually looks like one. Ding ding ding collaboration thing.

I’m trying to compare the photo to my prototype Bishop. Since 2SYY haven’t released it yet even though it was announced a while ago, I’m wondering whether Joey has joined up with YoYoJam for the release. The shape certainly looks somewhat similar…

Either way, Joey makes fantastic yoyos, so if this is indeed a collab, it’s going to be good. :slight_smile:

i thought it looked more like a 25 what year was YYJ founded?

You’re so right

I can see the 25

Pretty sure it doesn’t symbolize a year


I found this very helpful.

had no idea the picture was that large

could this be the bimetal we have been seeing in a few photos of one drop yoyos?

Wellllll YYJ was founded in 1999…

Looks like something Alex Hattori would’ve had if he had another sig. Maybe it’ll be like the OD Burnside in terms of story? Jk

Lol and …?

25 years ? Doesn’t work .