Yoyojam Metal Dark Magic?

Would Andre consider of making a metal dark magic? Just a question.

that would be pretty cool but i would like an all metal
new breed ;D ;D :wink: ;D

they made a all metal dm its called a peak.
ed put that in one of his post and i remember it

There was a picture of one a while back.

Peaks are made by a different compony right?

ye clyw
caribou lodge yoyo works

I know it’s clyw, but the peak and dm are just similar right? And the peak isn’t really an all metal DM?is that right, If not sorry, just want to know thing.

O.o peak was an all metal DM?


A peak was made to resemble an aluminum Hitman, not a DM. There have also been a few metal Hitmen made, but they are extremely rare. Andre himself has a metal DM, but who knows if it will be produced.

Prototype stuff eyh… :-\

Well, metal DM’s will be produced. Jack Finn (A2Z owner) got to be the first to try their protos, and their store will be the first to carry them, in the US that is… So they will be coming out, and their retail price will be around th EnEmE’s price range. I have no idea when they will be released though.

Sounds interesting… : D

If you think its a lie, I talked to him in person 2 weeks ago haha/

He gone an dun it! (the trinity) not sure when release date is. i have a pre-release one though. (well its kinda more like a metal legacy…) AND IT IS AWSOME!!!

the peak is not a metal dark magic

obviously, the peak was not meant to BE a metal dm, being made by a different company. however, the peak and dark magic have incredibly similar profiles (i don’t think you’ll find a metal yo-yo closer to the dm than the peak). if you play a shimmed, dual-siliconed dm, it’s even more striking. put two next to each other.

i played the metal dm at andre’s, and it was really nice. no idea as to the timeline for releasing it, but obviously they’d sell a frickin’ ton.

The Trinity’s were available yesterday at NER. I don’t personally think it plays very similar to the Dark Magic, but I believe that was the idea. It’s definitely one of Yoyojams better metals to date.

Never heard of that before.

So, the trinity? Sounds very cool.

Anyone has the specs of it?