Yoyojam K-OS Extreme Review

Well, I didn’t see a K-OS Extreme Review, so I’m making one.


Gap WIdth-3.72
Bearing-Large ©
Hybrid Response

First Impressions: Is that even a wing shape? Wow. This thing is SO thin. I had to put in shims right away. It’s like a thin project. The HG material feels like rubber. It fits in your hand okay. Again, it’s REALLY thin. It feels like something I would loop with.

Play: Godly. Despite it being so thin, it can handle a ton of stuff. The HG material makes it feel like you’re playing a metal plastic, or even a metal. It’s smooth, and doesn’t have the normal Yoyojam vibe. Strange, eh?

Grinds: Don’t bother. It’s like grinding with a FHZ. Finger and IRG’s are just not worth it. DOesn’t really take away from how sweet this thing is.

Overall: I love it. It’s amazing. So smooth, and such a good price. Best 15 dollars I ever spent, and best trade ever.


Play: 8.5/10
Grinds: 6:10
Overall: 8.8/10

Buy this yoyo, If you can find one. ;D

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good review.
i wish i could find one

Too bad Jack, that yoyo is discontinue. Btw, Nice Review.

Happy Throwing! =]

Thanks! ANd yes they are quite hard to find. I got mine for $15 and my friend got a regular K-OS for $13.

Which do you like better? The regular k-os or the k-os extreme?

The K-OS extreme. It’s heavier. I like heavy yoyos more, and mine is very smooth.

nice review
sounds like a good buy if anybody can find 1
is that heavy gravity material is that good?
why? why must they stop production???

They stopped production of the whole HG series becauser the material suffered a sudden price hike.

It’s wonderful. Not good for grinds, but something about it just makes it wonderful for everything else. If you get a chance, try one out.

Yea, I have a K-os Extreme and I love it. I am thinking about getting a regular K-os or a Spinfaktor HG

yea timmy skinner (nyjaj23) got the other K-os i would be happy if i could get any like pretty light (65g-70g) HG yoyo, i am currently looking at the K os extreme or a Spin factor HG. If anyone has these or a regular K os and a aquarius, i am willing to trade my YYF hectic for any 2 of these yoyos maybe 3 if they are dinged badly