yoyojam in toys r us?

A while ago someone said there would be yoyojam’s in toys r us, and so far I haven’t seen any. has anyone here seen them in their local toys r us.

for me nop never so a yoyo there

the only thing ive seen at toys r us are the duncan speedbeetles, and FH2’s…

ive seen duncan yoyos and F.A.S.T 201 all around the stores

That really relates to the topic now doesn’t it?

I doubt that Toys R Us would go so far as to get YYJ’s in the stores, because of the fact that yoyos still aren’t THAT popular. When they know that kids REALLY REALLY liked yoyos, and there was a demand for “Better” yoyos, they would surely stock something more high end, but until then, I wouldn’t get your hopes up. Probably wrong, but that’s just my two cents.

i was just adding to unclephreak

I don’t think that will ever happen. Believe it or not, (at my local toys r us) its the opposite. They’re getting rid of a lot of their trademarked toys (like Duncan yoyos) and now they’re closed on sunday. They’re not doing to well in the budget crisis.

no YYJ down under here but I did find Yomega, Moose, Yotech and duncan.

You’ll never see a YoyoJam in a Toys R us for one reason, YoyoJam doesn’t have the capacity to make the number of yo-yos needed to stock a big chain, nor wants to.

In the yo-yo community YoyoJam might seem like a big company, especially on this forum due to Andre’s involvement with them, but it really isn’t. The company is just a side business of the owners real business. To stock a big chain store with yo-yos a yo-yo manufacture has to make a LOT of yo-yos. Not many companies can do this. Duncan, Yomega, and Yoyofactory (with the help Hasbro and Bandai,) are some of the few that can. From conservations I’ve had with people at YoyoJam in the past, they are happy with what their doing now, and have no plans to change.

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