Yoyojam Freestyle Contest!


Can you do it? To vote for an entry, just quote them, whoever gets quoted the most receives a brand new “All ti yoyos ever produced pack”-wait, never mind. You DO get thank you’s from all who posted entries, if this works out. (honor system on the thank yous)
You can do anything you want with a yoyojam yoyo thats 60 seconds or less. Freestyles, tricks, bangers, horizontal play, fingerspins :P, all types of play are welcome. Extra kuddos for modern tricks done on old school(or legacy type) Yoyojams, such as horizontal play with a Dark Magic, fingerspin tricks with a Hitman, etc. Please disregard previous posts that stated plastics as a requirement.
Lets say this is open until all the yoyojam yoyos in the world turn to dust.(Edit) Horizontal tricks are defined as tricks done with the yoyo tilted to a significant degree, where the yoyo is turning fairly rapidly if it stops and you could easily hang the yoyo in a thumb grind even if it has no irg.-
Just a crazy idea from Throwto100


What if I just turn the camera sideways? :smiley:


Ok, Maybe this wasn’t as good an idea as I hoped… Lets amend the terms.
You can use any plastic or plastic metal hybrid Yoyojam to do any sort of trick or freestyle that is 60 seconds or less, the rest of the terms remain the same. Kuddos if you do a horizontal combo on a yoyojam that obviously wasn’t designed for them. (Horizontal eli hops on a hitman 1! :D)
Good lucks.


Yes :joy:


Who will judge it ???

I’d be willing to :wink:


Kind of a self judge thing, people other then those who entered quote their favorite entry, I count who gets quoted the most, then whoever wins gets thank yous from everyone who participated. (Trust me, I’m a boy scout :)) Pretty low key, unless someone feels like ponying up for real prizes.


Would a plastic collaboration from yoyo jam be okay? :stuck_out_tongue:

My horizontal is too basic to even enter :stuck_out_tongue:


Sure! Horizontal tricks are the focus, but by no means the only thing you can do. Any sort of trick you think others would like to see is great.


Does it still count if it’s on a Dark Magic 1?


Yes, any yoyojam you have counts. The dm1 fingerspin is an impressive feat btw👍


Changed the terms, and I will be posting a few entries. (Whose ready for some Big yo 1a ;D)


Still open, still hungry! (For posts)