yoyojam edge?

any info on this yoyo?

all i can find is this picture.

what do you think? :slight_smile:

Looks pretty cool.
Give that to Vendetta.

it’s not mine.
i come across this picture when i browsing for the phenom.

Im just saying that vendetta can make that yoyo look crazy cool.

Kinda looks like a Duncan Vednetta with the weight rings of an X-ConVict

Ah, sorry, my bad.
Vendetta make some really cool looking anno. I allways want to got some of that art on my yoyo, but by sending it half way arround the world. The cost is more than enough to buy an I.

For me, the edge more like a cross between meteor and sleipnir.
Looks cool, and that logo on the side caps is cool also.
Wonder how it play.

Eh either way, good find.

saw it somewhere before, lemme recall for a while, some shima’s new sig? i guess i saw that in one of shima’s page

Please check the date of the last post before you post. This thread was over a month old. :wink:

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my bad, i don’t check dates to much