yoyojam bearings

(Nautilus) #1

I got two yoyojams a inspire and a go big and both of the bearings are black! is this normal? for bearings to be black


Stock? Not that I’m aware of. They’ve all be silver when I get them.

I’m not sure what’s going on. My Go Big and my kid’s Go Big were silver-colored, as has been every other bearing I’ve gotten to date, both new and used.


Were they new?

If you got them from someone I’d bet the previous owner was using lighter fluid to clean their bearings and then just burning it off


Darn… They beat me to it… Uhh… So… Silver, unless used… Yea… :stuck_out_tongue:

(Nautilus) #5

ya i got them used ok ill just replace them

(WildCat23) #6

If they work it doesn’t matter.


firetreating is plenty normal and the bearing should still play fine. The only reason to get new bearings is if it bugs you or they don’t work