Yoyoing within the cliques lifestyles, and sub cultures

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Living in San Francisco, I have become friends with many different kinds of people all over the city, as SF is known for having some very interesting sorts of people.

As a yoyoer, I bring my yoyoing to all groups I interact with, and its interesting to see how the different sub communities react to it.

From my interactions and friendships in college, I have become absorbed into many different cliques of people, and for the sake of generalizing them (and to name a few of the many) lets call these groups: Ravers, Otaku’s, Hipsters, Goths, Hippies, and Scene kids.

Yes, I have interacted in each of these little sub cultures and have brought my yoyoing to each. And I think its interesting to see how each group reacts to it.

From talking with others in the yoyo community, I have found that there are many others who could fit into these different sub cultures, but often times, many do not expose their yoyoing to their own subcultures that they are a part of,

I think that this should change.

We are all part of something, and with that, we can expose our yoyoing to a very different sort of culture, and when that culture finds yoyoing, and by chance takes it up, it can result in some individuals with a very interesting take and view on yoyoing and yoyo’s in general, which can be a very eye opening experience.

Don’t be afraid to take your skill to your other activities and meet up’s of individuals within these “sub cultures”, as you may be able to start something very interesting and new, maybe even an entirely movement!

Something to think about.


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Of all the people who could have posted that song, it wouldn’t have felt right if it was anyone else but you.


well since I started getting addicted to yoyoing I got myself a holster and have a yoyo hanging from my belt at ALL time, I get some funny looks but most of the people observant enough to notice are inquisitive to ask “what is that” or “is that a yoyo” and of course I oblige, sometimes their interest will stop there, but sometimes they go on about it looking wired and that is a great segway to "the unusual shape means I can do ‘this’ " and proceed to blow their minds :stuck_out_tongue:

But, one time someone knew it was a yoyo and wanted a go, I was hesitant at first 'cause I wasn’t sure how to explain that “this yoyo doesn’t come back” but before the words made it out of my mouth he asked if I knew how to bind… and out shot my hand passing him the yoyo. I don’t even really know why, normally I’m really protective, and don’t like people touching my stuff, let alone the fact I only bought the yoyo a couple of hours prior, and it was my first full metal. But then I instantly started regretting my decision to share, the little bugger showed me up :stuck_out_tongue: from there I was so exited when his friend asked to borrow my other yoyo I didn’t even hesitate, which led to a bit of a laugh, 'cause he had no idea :stuck_out_tongue: we tried to show him how to bind but didn’t get anywhere.

In short don’t just go out of your way to share actively, get a holster and wear it proud, you might be surprised who you meet.


Great post. I however, think of my yo-yoing in a different way. When I am with my friends or any sort of group gatherings I tend not to have a yo-yo. I try to simple engage in conversation regarding whatever is at hand, homework, restaurant choices, politics, medical theories, etc. In fact, it is only when friends come over to my house/dorm that I will introduce them to my hobby. I am not ashamed of yo-yoing in any way, it is just that it is not as integrated in my life as much as others.

Just a different “position” yo-yoing has in regards to social life.


Interesting post. While I am way past caring what others think of me, I do represent those I work for, so I don’t wear one on my belt at work. I don’t hesitate to take one out of my pocket, though. I do have a shelf in my office that holds tops, a kendama or 2, and half a dozen yoyos. It’s always fun talking to people and watching them look over my shoulder with a “are those what I think they are?” look on their face.


I got to yoyo FOR the company I represent at a trade show. :wink:

I always have a yoyo on me, but I try to be conscious of not making people feel that I’d rather be yoyoing than interacting with them, during social situations. Most often, I’m with people who know about me and yoyos, and they don’t mind if I do a bit of throwing while we’re doing whatever else.

MOST of the time, I tend to just sit down, talk, and drink my beer or eat my food. But there’s still a yoyo attached to me!

I’m certainly MORE likely to yoyo when I’m just randomly in public (waiting rooms, lines, etc). Only because I don’t owe any attention to strangers and I’m happy to talk with anyone who decides to strike up a conversation.