Yoyoing with specific yoyos during specific times

Do you guys like to use a specific yoyo at a specific time of day?

For example, I like to use the Dietz during the day, because I’m just hardcore practicing, and that thing is hardcore.

However, at night before I go to bed and for chilling I like to use my blue DV888, because it is quiet, smooth, and calming. It is just a chill yoyo.

Please explain your habits if you have any like these.

Mine is more a “yoyo of the day”. Pick one, stick with it.

Right now, I’m preparing for something, so I’m practicing more and with a specific set of yoyos. Something kind of trivial in the bigger scheme of things but important to me.

Nope I used what I want, sometimes can be a yuuksta than change to hitman or maybe my loop 900, just my mood