Yoyoing under a blacklight-test

I tried doing some simple but cool looking tricks under a blacklight. My video didn’t turn out so great, so can someone give me some tips on how to make the string more visable? thanks


Better camera with a manual iris option, being properly corrected for white and black levels AND more sensitivity with low light levels.

Blacklight isn’t seen too well by cameras itself, you’re trying to test what should react to it. So you may want to use some indirect lighting for some wash/ambient fill. The grainy look is typical when you’re in an insufficient amount of light. HD makes it worse as HD is very unforgiving.

You may need to ugprade. See what your friends have you can borrow for testing and see what ends up being a good fit. In this case, lower lux sensitivity is what you’re after.

aight thanks man, it sucks cause i was using a 500$ camera… I will play with the lighting though and I’m gonna try turning the night mode off. and it doesnt have HD