Color Saturation, Making the bright colors "pop"


Not sure where this is supposed to go, but it’s a question about video editing, so I figured I’d put it here.

How would I go about getting the brighter colors (the string) “pop” like I’ve seen in some yoyo videos?
Jensen’s videos are a good example of what I’m talking about:

Is it just color saturation?  Can’t seem to reproduce that kind of effect.



He might use normal lighting, and then shine a few high power black lights pretty in front of the camera.


Jensen has blacklights, but Idk if he uses them in most of his vids. You’d be able to see small pieces of lint and such others things on his black shirt.

  • Use good lighting (natural light is great for making strings ‘pop’)
  • Use a good camera

A little saturation can help, but mostly it’s lighting and the camera that make the biggest difference.


RIght in the thumbnail for the video, at the bottom of the frame… looks like a blacklight to me.


Oop. My mistake. You are correct sir.

Also, thicker string helps.


ooh I never thought about the possibility of a blacklight, now that I see it, you’re totally right. Thanks guys.