Blacklight Yoyoing? I think yes.


So me and a friend had this idea. We wanted to yoyo in a blacklight with this green string. It looks sweet. Now we are getting neon colored yoyos and more string just for blacklights.[;


More picturess. Sorry about qualityyyy


not the first to do this i have a whole channel deticated to black light yoyoing been doing it for about a year


If you know some things about electronic’s, u should instal some LED’s into the cup of your yoyo for maximum effect.  not only will the string glow, the yoyo will glow then too.  plus its really good for street performances in the dark

this is what i used to make the LED caps


That looks nice! Hope my yoyo looks good in black lights gonna do some tricks at a club friday


a white crucial milk + white strings + blacklight would be amazing


the yoyojam destiny and its counterweight glow under black light, we had a blast with it last time we went @ the local burger king, their balcony is lit by nothing but black lights. I’ll make a vid there next spring


Where do you get them. I can’t find them anywhere.


You can buy them a lot of places, target, wal-mart, that kind of store. But just the bulbs.


I am well aware that we are not the first.