yoyoing should be a unit in gym/school sport

because that would be awesome and lets face it the community would inflate
also i would get a 100 and be popular for a few weeks
and i could be an athlete of sorts :stuck_out_tongue:

I have split opinions on this one. Yes it would be awesome if it was a part of PR/gym/school. But you can’t aviod the fact that yoyoing isn’t the most physical sport.

At my school we havento do fitness charts and I put yoyoing down as upper body workout ;D

This, IMHO, would be a horrible idea for the school

You cant grade someone on yoyoing. Its a skill-toy - Some people can do it, and others cant. Its not fair on a grading scale, and money would probably have problems as well.

It just wouldnt work.

I agree with Samad. Plus i wouldn’t like everyone at my school yoyoing, it would kind of take the fun out of it.

in the end i dont tink id like it either it was mor of a spur of the moment thought

The real problem with this idea is that no school is going to invest the money in yoyo’s. $20 for a decent yoyo times 30 kids in a class adds up real quick. Don’t even mention maintenance and new strings. Never going to happen.

Plus, how many gym teachers are going to know the difference between a split bottom mount and a trapeze? They wouldn’t know how to teach anything cool. Maybe walk the dog, maybe…

i also agree with samad