Yoyoing in Boston

Hi guys, I’m pretty new to the forum.
I used to yoyo a lot in 2003/4, then I breaked for a long time, like 6+ years?? maybe yoyoing once or twice all the while.

Now I’m getting back into it hardcore.

However, before I was exposed to this whole new school of yoyo tricks (or right around just being exposed to it, I was given the opportunity to make a video, and showcase the state of my skills with the oldschool style, before embarking on my journey to the new school.

Note: Profanity in the music

Thanks for watching

Nice, Bazz! A lot of those elements are still going strong today. Nice flow, good transitions… I’m predicting a matter of weeks (not months) before you’re just wrecking it.

thanks Greg!

Is that the Gazebo over by the Bayside Expo Center? I was throwing there a few weeks ago.

It sure is!