Yoyoing classes

I’ve heard of people giving yoyoing classes and I’m wondering how exactly you teach a class like that and how you carry it out? Anyone want to help my curiousity out?

When I used to teach it, it was sponsored by Yomega. We had special cards separated by skill level. I would go around and help kids out individually, and when they thought they had a trick, they had to perform it in front of me. If they landed it correctly they would get that trick stamped off of their card. As the class got bigger, I invited a few of the most advanced kids to help me teach and mark off tricks. At it’s peak the class had about 100 kids every week. Imagine going to a mall, and seeing 100+ kids yoyo’ing every week, lol, it was quite a sight!!

aww man i wish we had that here in vancouver

Thats sounds fun. Do people who teach today do something similar?

You teach by giving instructions in front of the class. At my town, anyone that wants to share something can sign up to teach a summer class.