Yoyofriends Crosscut or iYoyo Antarctica

Took a break from yo-yoing, wanted to get back into it with a nice titanium/SS/Magnesium throw (didn’t know they made Magnesium throws till a month ago, would love to hear opinions on that.)

Would anyone reccomend the iyoyo Antarctica? Was going to do that, or the Mgss gyrfalcon or the yoyofriends crosscut.

Still trying to decide. Was most likely going to order a ditch and or a Klondike from clyw as well.

Crosscut looks very nice and has a great description, but yet to see a review of the Antarctica online. Never tried a yoyofriends or iyoyo brand but wanted to give either or a shot.

Unless someone reccomended another titanium brand :slight_smile: I have been eyeing the koi and koi xl as well.

Thanks guys!

Have a great day and thanks for the reply


Don’t have hardly any experience with titanium or mg, but as far as you decision on the Klondike goes, I highly recommend. Bought it a little while ago purely off of the hype and it has not disappointed. One of the best yo-yos I have ever tried.

I’m also looking into getting a full SS yoyo so I’m interested to see what recommendations come up.

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Antarctica is amazing. One of my favourite yoyos.

But realise you’re paying for material and finish not performance. If it outperforms my bimetalls it ain’t by much.

Haven’t tried the Crosscut.

My opinion is that you should stay away from mono MG unless you like plastic yoyos like the Speedaholic or Shooting Star. MG basically plays like PC to me, and I’ve not liked or been impressed with any of the MG mono’s that I’ve tried.

MGSS is a whole other beast though, I would recommend snagging any MGSS you can get. I’ve tried a few of TP’s released MGSS designs and they do not disappoint. I had the opportunity to try an unreleased MGSS model from TP that was Kentaro’s personal throw, and it was one of the most delightful yo-yo’s I’ve ever played.

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I have SS koi and highly recommend that for good ss. DD also just released oasis. For Yoyofriends I would personally recommend buying a papercut first. It’s the bi metal version of the crosscut and plays like an absolute dream. I haven’t heard much on the crosscut except that some of them came with a bit of vibe out of the box. But I’ve personally never been disappointed with Yoyofriends.

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Decided to go with the MGSS Gyrfalcon and Ti Koi xl for fun as my first titanium yoyo. I feel oversized yo-yos aren’t appreciated enough and I think it would be a super unique throw to have.

Will update you guys on my purchase when it arrives!

First magnesium yoyo (as well as SS) and titanium yoyo. Hopefully yoyo friends does not disappoint!

Will check out the crosscut, Klondike and other CLYWS next year. Very interesting to see their progression throughout the past few years I took a break from yo-yoing. This will be more than a large enough yoyo purchase for 2024!