Yoyofficer yacare

I want a good fingerspinning yoyo. I was looking into getting another skyva. But then I saw the yacare. Does anyone have and is willing to share their thoughts on it?

I recently ordered one, looking forward to receiving it


Yoyofficer themselves say that it’s the best monometal they’ve made to this date :slight_smile:
Purely considering fingerspins the Skyva is probably best yoyo on the market now. But it would suprise me if the Yacare isn’t considerably better in terms of general play.

Get the new North Star, or a pivot Czech point. I would go with the north star

Have one, build is okay, axle seems loose in the thread holes, otherwise, minimal vibe, with great surface for grinds and fingerspins

A tad light for my taste, so its good for fast comboe
wide H but a little on unstable side (or maybe its my skills)

FS dimple is less deep than the likes of Skyva or pivots, but deeper than the ol’ cup type like horizon
You can catch the side of the dimple and still spin nicely, but on certain times, it wont automatically drawn to the center, so you have to tug the string to control it