Yoyofficer Vector

Hi all,

I’m wondering whether anyone has tried the new Yoyofficer vector yet. I couldn’t find a single line of reviews anywhere online. I did like the Hatchet that I picked up a long time ago.

I’ve been thinking of picking one up tonight but it would be great to hear about some early experiences first. Anyone?


Looks very similar to a manatee which is a good thing IMO. Yyo makes good stuff, I’m sure it’s solid. And their new grind finish is nice on the urban so I would assume this is as well.

I said to you earlier, that it’s not particularly stable, but after using it a lot more, I don’t think that’s true, its certainly stable enough.

The Vector is fast becoming one of my favourites, it’s a super smooth feeling yoyo that perfoms well.

That’s great to hear. There is one in the mail waiting for me :slight_smile: