Yoyofficer Jaeger


Really not finding any reviews on the Jaeger by Yoyofficer. Does anyone own these? Are they any good? How well do they play? I have pretty big hands and was looking to get one because it seems larger. Any info would help.
Or maybe anything comparable?

(Bína) #2

Here is one review http://yoyoexpert.com/forums/index.php/topic,73307.0.html


Had the chance to play one last weekend. It’s big without being silly, and it plays great. The YYE staff had positive things to say about it, too.


I went ahead and got one. It is pretty amazing! Love the whirling hum it makes as I throw it. Easily lands on the string! Not at all heavy feeling. Fits perfectly in my hand. Glad I bought it after all.



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I’m happy you like it :slight_smile: