Yoyofficer jaeger


What are your thoughts on this yoyo is it better than the c3 level 6, yoyojam revival, and OD rally?


I haven’t tried a Revival. Rally and Jaeger are both oversized, but one is a metal and one is plastic. It depends on what you’re looking for. They are different shapes. Jaeger is oversized, while the Level 6 is not. I personally enjoy the Level 6 a bit more, but it’s a matter of preference. The Level 6 also costs a bit more ($60), while Jaeger and Rally are about the same price ($45).

So, the answer is that it’s just a matter of preference and what you can afford.


I think the Jaeger would compliment the Level 6 nicely if you were to have both due to the different sizes.

If I was going to only have one? Probably the Level 6, since I’m not into oversized throws. If you prefer oversized, then the Jaeger is your jam.

Personal preference, but I would go for the Yoyofficer Lava.