Looking to get these yoyos

I’m not buying yoyos again anytime soon but I am looking at a few throws. I was wondering if they’re at all good. :3 Feel free to reply.

YYF Whip
YYJ Legacy III
YYJ Surge
Duncan Strix
Duncan Flipside
OD Bench Mark O or H
OD Rally
C3 Level 6

How are these? :3

Yep, all good.


YOYOFFICER Aura, Werrd Minute, and Magic Yoyo N12 also look appealing. :3

Would pass on the legacy 3, whip and one. One and whip are too light and the legacy 3 still has extremely high walls. The strix is ok but the level 6 will outplay it as well as the benchmark series. I enjoy the solid feel of the sruge and overall speed of the onestar. Rally was pretty boring but was a good player and flipsides are pretty fun.

Would also consider the shutter, czm8 (new one on the way), hatchet, werrd 86400 and minute, speedahlic and alpha crash, magicyoyo d5, d6, and n12, and any recrev.

Was never too crazy about Legacy, Whip, and One anyway. XD Not too lenient on the Strix either. The Rally? Really? I’ve heard a lot of good stuff about that thing. Oh well, I’ll find out soon enough.

I’ve got a Shutter and a Speedaholic on the way actually. I’m expecting their arrival this week.

It just didn’t fit my preferences. I didn’t find anything really unique or special about it. It’s the same way I felt about the code 2. Just nothing unique to me but a worthy throw still.

All of those I have thrown that you have mentioned are pretty good for the price. Those would be the: OneStar, One, Whip, Surge, Strix, and Flipside.

The rally does get boring but it is a good throw

As 2 others have said, yes, the rally does get boring too me. Same for the Code 2, more competition oriented, aren’t as fun IMO. But they play great nonetheless

Whip and One are too light, there are better throws out there at the legacy’s price.

The strix is very fun if you like a fast yoyo, its great at fingerspins. Not the most stable but its very fun if you have a fast paced style.

Benchmarks should be great, probably the best yoyos you’ll get for $60 below, I suggest the V or H.

Level 6 should be nice, havent tried one though

Surge is really heavy at 74 grams so if you dont like a heavy, slow throw dont get it

HAvent heard much about the flipside, better off getting a Onestar.

I can only comment on what I have but: I am not big on the Legacy. The One is great for an inexpensive, lightweight throw. I am happy with the Level 3.
I have no experience with the others on your list.

Forget the YYF YYJ and Duncan’s there ok but just get one or two really good CLYW OR OD

Not a big fan of the One personally.

I found it really boring too. I sold it an hour or so after I got it lol

This post seems pretty ignorant. Especially considering the fact that the baracuda is manufactured by onedrop. Even funnier is that you would recommend CLYW when he’s looking at cheap throws. With the czm8 and shutter I’m pretty sure yyf fits him quite perfectly since they’re both $45 and amazing. Even their more expensive stuff is great like the 7075 genesis or proton. I may dislike yoyojam myself but the diamondback and phenom are excellent yoyos as well. Really hate seeing good companies be bashed for absolutely no reason.

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I warn you, be cautious with YoYoJams. :-
I see 2 big problems with them:
Precision/vibe (if this bothers you)
And the durability of the solid spin axle system.