yoyofficer urban

anybody use one? the colorways look sweet. Also the shape looks nice. not really looking to add but this one caught my eye…any opinion?

It looks nice but I haven’t gotten to try one.

I ordered one tonight. Pretty excited about it. The new finish is apparently really nice and the colorways look fab.

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Where did you order it? I intend to get one just didn’t know that they dropped them yet

i ordered one as well. passed on cabal and got that instead…love the colorways on them!

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I PMed you, not sure we’re allowed to talk outside shops on the forums and didn’t want to break rules.

Yoyolazar - what colorway did you end up going with?

I got the one that’s silver red and blue, American flag style IMO. Should be sweet. U??

the blue with yellow. I’m pretty hype for it to arrive.

I can’t decide if I want the red/wht/blue or the blue/black/gold…both are amazing

I really like the blue/black/gold myself - if I were getting a tri-colored one I’d go with that. But I totally get you - I got super hung up on whether I wanted the blue/yellow, the green/purple, or the black/orange. There are some great colorways on these.

Hope it plays as well as it looks

I might have to trade halves with someone when I get it, lol

So my urban came in the mail today! So hype to try it out and the colorway is beautiful and 100% not the one I thought I ordered. But it’s awesome anyways.

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Mind should be there to today too! How does it play??

Stable, but without feeling heavy. It’s fairly light and balanced feeling, imo. Even a little floaty, but it definitely feels stable and the matte finish doesn’t stick when my hands sweat. It feels really good to throw. Let me know your impressions when you get yours!

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