Yoyofficer Apex?


I have a Kilter 3 and I really love it. I have not seen any threads where the Apex is discussed which seems to be its successor. Do any of you have one? What are your thoughts on it especially compared to the Kilter 3 if you have had one of those as well? Also why does YYO have such a small catalog now? They never seem to manufacture more of their model line once they sell out.


Yeah I’ve been wondering what happened to YYO, after Blossom – which is a bimetal Kilter 3 and I strongly recommend it since you like that one so much – they kinda stopped releasing new models!

(Spinworthy Glen) #3

Pretty sure they’re going down the toilet… we’ll see.


I thought Monkeyfinger already has a yo-yo called the Apex?