YoyoFactotry Whip Video : What ten dollars can buy you


10 dollar yoyo? No problem. Watch to see What 10 dollars will buy you.


I Recorded this about 2 weeks before posting it.

Enjoy and please give me feed back.


Good stuff. It really is amazing just how far a budget throw can take you. Just a tip on the video: try to get the footage at a slightly higher frame rate so everything runs a little more smoothly, even if you have to sacrifice some resolution to do so. 480p videos running at 60 frames per second look far better than 1080p running at a choppy 15 frames.



Not to be rood, but you could throw in another $2.50 and get a Speedaholic, which has won a contest


The whip is a great yoyo, and the speedaholic’s good, but the classic with an upgrade kit or replaced bearing and response is much better. Btw, good video


I know. I have one.


Or take out a dollar and get a MagicYoyo, which I love  :slight_smile: