Nightshadow just did a great review of a $470 yoyo: I counter with a $5 yoyo

If you haven’t seen Robin’s review yet, check it out!

Would you rather buy 1 $470 yoyo or 94 $5 yoyos?


Would you rather have a New Porsche or 94 Skateboards?


I think a new Porsche is worth more than 94 skateboards, so I’d say Porsche.


It is important to have good yoyos under the $10 mark for kids starting out or for people on a budget. I’d love to see more reviews on budget oriented yoyos.


Thanks for saying so! I get the impression that more expensive yoyos are more wanted for reviews, but cheapies are so much fun too.


I mean you gotta run the gamut a little. But you have to ask yourself where your curve is. Everyone has their own curve of diminishing returns. Mine caps out much earlier than $470 haha.


Cheap verses expensive isn’t a question for me, it’s been more of a progression. When I first started yoyoing, my yoyos were super cheap, homemade. (Thanks Grandma!) Then as I progressed I bought one, it was cheap. I kept buying cheap until I progressed to a more expensive one. Not that it was expensive it just cost more than the previous. My interests were about trying different types of yoyos, which continued to grow in expense because I had played many of those in a certain price range. What’s a guy to do? Spend more money of course to try something else.

I’m not saying that I don’t buy a cheap yoyo on occassion still, but I don’t buy it because it’s cheap. I buy it because I find something interesting about it, the same reason I buy more expensive yoyos.


Same here. In the past year I’ve bought yoyos in all price categories, new stuff, old stuff, cast plastic, machined plastic, titanium, bimetals, hybrids, wood and various flavors of aluminum. The main motivator is I find something interesting about it. Unboxing and getting to know a $470 masterpiece is a cool experience, but finding a great inexpensive yoyo is something that really excites me. I should make a point of posting about those more, some that have recently impressed me are the topyo mojo, c3 speedaholic, the yyf bimetal, yoyofriends dove, zeekio vapor, and rain city dollar.


I love that you mentioned the Dollar, I feel like more people need to try this. I pulled it out again the other day, and it plays way better than it looks like it should.


I have a bucket list of yoyos I would like to own and I have yoyos on there from $5 to $140 (and some BST stuff you can’t really put a price tag on). Every yoyo on that list I believe is a good yoyo.

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