Yoyofactory whip

So I need a cheap and unresponsive travel yoyo that is stable enough to handle decently long combos. Is the whip a good idea??

What exactly do you mean by travel yoyo?

Sorry, like a yoyo that I can take places in my pocket, and not care that much if I gets dinged or chipped.

I bought 4 whips just because of this. I keep one in my bag at school in case someone wants to try. for $10, they are ridiculusly playable. I can land most of the tricks here on yye with one. Long combos it does tend to spin out on though. Definitely more playable than the ONE, but not quite as good as the ONEstar. The ONEstar I would say is worth the extra bit of money for a pocket throw.


Any magic yoyo.

I still play my whip (almost 4 years old) and it’s not great but it’s good.

A bit light for my taste

More a fan of the onestar and speedaholic

I’ll chime in and also recommend the Onestar. Cheap and a great performing travel yoyo. Get it without hesitation.

I will trade a magic n9 for a whip

Whip can’t handle very long combos

Whip is fun, but long combos… nope.

Necro :stuck_out_tongue:

Bah. I’m so terrible at spotting those.

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Who really cares about necro posts. If you want to, reply to anything.

And yes, the Whip is useless for long combos.