yoyofactory whip thoughts

(M.DeV1) #1

hello this is my first ever review so bear with me thanks.
the yoyofactory whip is the first yoyo in yoyofactorys new every1 line and is ment to be a nice cheap unresponsive yoyo for only ten bucks. i herd good things about the ONE so i was curious as to how ths played.
Weight (g) 56.20
Width (mm) 40.97
Diameter (mm) 54.19
Gap Width (mm) 4.57
Bearing Size (Inside x Outside x Width) .250 x .500 x .125 Spec Bearing
Gap Type Fixed
Stock Response System Central Bearing Company - Large Bearing Slim Pad

i got it in white and when i recieved it i thought it looked very sharp. it has the same texture as a pgm or dienasty but its a tad smaller an quite a bit lighter. this yoyo is quite unforgiving, if the throw is even slightly bad the yoyo will have quite a bit of vibe (but this is common with any cheap plastic.) however it does play well for such a cheap throw. i put it threw its paces and although spin time isnt great it barely pulled through a good length combo. alll in all this yoyo although not great as a main throw is awesome FOR THE PRICE! yoyofactory ha done it again.