Yoyofactory short circuit

can I mod it to have a bearing tip?


I think the best answer is that it is not going to work well if you mod it to a bearing tip.

Short Circuit actually works awesome with a bearing tip. There’s a kit that makes the process super easy and is designed to do just that (and also to change an Electrick into a metal tip)

You have to supply your own bearing (normal C yoyo) but all the rest is there.

I have several Short Circuits and Elec-trick tops. I’ve upgraded Elec-trick to metal tip and I’ve upgraded Short Circuit to bearing. All iterations are very fun. They are awesome spin tops.

Personally I like my metal-tip bearing Elec-trick the best - I like that body shape better, but the Short Circuit body style is really fun to throw as well.


These are unmodded - you can do fun stuff like with with them because of the deep well in the top (Duncan Imperial on the very top):


Thank you for the reminder, I believe I was thinking of using the metal tip in the short circuit.
You can weigh the cost of a tip kit against some of the bearing tops for sale here.

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Yeah, it’s my understanding that it doesn’t work well with the metal bearing tip, because the weight upsets the balance.

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This is the top you got from me.

Don’t give up on the fixed tip. It lends itself to a whole different set of tricks than a bearing tip does.


This is great advice. Fixed tip is where it’s at until you get all the basics down. You shouldn’t be moving onto bearing until you can boomerang and correct tilt in your hand with a fixie. You need to understand the basics of all the physical interactions first and those are best felt with fixed

And not just that, but different tricks that use friction of the tip on the string, that can’t be done properly with a bearing tip, or sometimes not at all. It’s pretty similar to responsive vs. unresponsive bearing play with yoyos, actually. :wink:

If you decide you like playing with the top, I suggest you just get an Elec-Trick, and have both, to switch between styles of play.

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The Short Circuit is a really great top for the cost and you can really go far with it as far as learning tricks. Bearings tops are great but there is something really fun about fixed tip tricks, and of course learning some regen stuff.
I know it isn’t the popular opinion in spin top word but my favorite inexpensive bearing top is the Bearing King. And if you like modding, it needs a little to get right…


The bearing assembly on the BK has proven very resilient. Doesn’t always spin great, but not bad for an entry level spin top. But it is discontinued so…

I think the problem was actually that the metal fixed tip does not work in the Short Circuit. The Short Circuit is very squat, and with the added weight, the center of gravity is changed such that it wants to spin like a ball with rabies instead of like a spin top.


Nice to know that… I ljust got the short circuit few day ago… and I make an UNBOXING and Review video with my Indonesian language… I need to upgrade too…

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