YoyoFactory Protege

This is my new favorite yoyo.  I have not been able to put it down since I purchased it!  This video was made on the first day of play with my Protege, literally five minutes after receiving it in the mail!  Please give me some input, it helps a lot both good or bad. 

This was featured on YoYoFactory Blog on March 1st 2011!

Please give me some input! id like to know how i can improve or what im doing correctly!

Not a bad video.

Just work on your smoothness.

My video just got featured on the YoyoFactory blog!

deffinently work on the smoothness, and dont glance at the camera while you’re doing your tricks, it’s distracting.

but, really really cool concepts, i liked it

Thanks i will for sure. Ive been using a shorter string and it helped A LOT with my control and smoothness. I think in my next video it will show for sure. I can tell a difference in the play already. I wasn’t trying to look at it haha my brother kept walking by. I’m glad you like the concepts. There quite different I tend to think from what the main players are like but my influences are mainly mark Montgomery hence the braintwister combos, Jensen , Yukki, Paul Han and I like Stefan Benjamin a lot as well. It mainly Stefan and Mark who influence me a lot. Their styles are so unique and in my mind are the “driving force” if you will to my yoyoing. I think their definitely different from how other people play but that difference is what i like so in turn i try to show it in my style. Thanks for the input!


did you finally find a video that showed how to shorten your strings?


yup i did it helped smoothness and control a lot!!