protege promo

this yoyo is soo good i needed to make a vid

Yeah i got my protege today its sick but its soo stinkin small

oh man!!! :o :o :o
that was so awesome!!! and i like the song to! man nice!!!

Is it true a protege plays like an $80 yoyo?

Hey whats your best spin time for protege guyz?

Still thinking to get protege or hubstacked yoyo.

First of all, when does spin time matter? And I’m sure it does have really good playability. Yoyofactory does not lie, or let you down for sure. But if you did care about sleep time, I’m sure it can at least sleep for over 3 minutes.

i got a protege before it even came out thanks to julius from allyoyo doing a raffle :smiley:

Nice video, and I loved the Protege pictures in the middle, but the end was kinda weird. Try putting an add for Whip Strings or something at the end, instead of just leaving it black until it ends.
Beside that it was a very nice video! Keep it up! :slight_smile:


Cool. Your best video yet. But for some reason i am not interested in the protege.