new video

here is my newest video! I am using my dark magic. I also have alot of new tricks, like “Skin the Gerbil”, “Koloski Tower”, and “Hand Grind”. Enjoy! Leave some feedback!

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Good job!

Man, I am seeing a ton of newer players who have the natural ability to yoyo quite smooth!
I love it!

Nice Koloski Tower!
By any chance did you learn that from my tutorial?

I would recommend making your string a tad shorter though, it will really help your yoyoing and the learning process.

You are coming along quite well, You impressed me very much so.

Keep it up!

Yo for it!



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Yes I did[learn Koloski tower from your tut.]! it was a great tutorial! I subscribed to you on youtube. My name is Titanium221 on YouTube, also.

My favorite part was the kwijibo. man you did that thing smooth. I cant do that trick anywhere near that smooth. Dude you got some great skills. I look forward to more. Also what is Jayyo’s youtube account? Mine is YYJfan93. Later.

Keep it spinning™

His is minimotu.

Very smooth and well done! Could have used a darker shirt, and seeing your face would have been nice as well. Otherwise, completely splendid! A pleasure to watch.

That was really good! :slight_smile:

That was a awesome Kwijibo! Smooth. :wink:

I like your multiple rolls that looked like a brain twister ;D Nice job, nice vid :smiley:

I call that trick “Milk the Goat” ;D

Milk the Goat?! Thats fantastic! Man I applaud you. That was smooth and smarmy. I absolutely loved it Keep it up and you’ll rival the pro’s in no time. If not already!

Thats a powerful word there, and i think it can be considered profanity lols. ??? Can you remove that?
(Not trying to be rude, no offence)