Making Progress...


here is my most recent video using my black Dark Magic! Enjoy! Please leave some feedback!
  -Titanium221 8)


wow! how long have you been yoyoing? and yeah, you are making very good progress!


Cool vid,keep it up.

P.S.:take the caps off and say it is a Catch 22,lol.


I play caps off. I put them on to take that picture. ;D


about 10 months (5 months is when it got serious)


Great progress! You are very good!

(Jei Cheetah) #7

Hey man you got some smooth stuff there!

Smoothness is something that for some, is hard to get, but you got the natural ability to go quite smooth!

Keep it up!

And look around at other yoyo tutorials to learn more tricks too, I see tons of potential in you!

Also, if you dont mind me asking, what video editor are you using?
I like the video transitions you have in the video.

Great job! Keep up the good work!



iMovie '09 ;D


Wow! Great job! I like the beginning with the DM. :wink:


What can I improve on? What would make me a better yoyoer? ???


Very good video!

Hmmm… Your string looks a little long, and it kinda hard to see. Try making up more “Tech” tricks but your are VERY good,

Keep Throwing, you’ll go somewhere.


Nice throws!!! Get more tutorials to increase your skills. Have Fun!

Happy Throwing! =]


very clean nice vid!


Well if you want to know what to improve I would say your grinds. The arm grind didn’t seem like it had much control but you got into it vary well. Also on the whip GT trick try to go from the wrist whip to the triangle with out even knowing that you did the wrist whip. It makes it look cooler and makes it look like the triangle came from now where. Other than that you are vary smooth, witch is a great thing in a yoyoer. Now that your smooth try to get it to flow like water. But it was a great vid! keep it up and keep it spinning. Later.

Keep it spinning™


yeah, on the wrist whip. when I figured that trick out, I didnt know it had a name. I was just playing around and I figured out that whip. but now I can do the GT whip VERY smoothly.