My 2 month video

Hey guys! I’ve never posted a video here before so I thought I’d show you my 2 month video so you can see what I can do! Constructive critisism is more than welcome, and would love to know how I’m coming

hope you enjoy it as much as I did making it!

thats crazy good for 2 months!!! ;D

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thank you! I actuallay left out some crucial stuff [facepalm] forgot Plan D [/facepalm]. and as you can tell I like rewind-looking moves and one-handed braintwisters.

Thats some cool stuff!!

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2 months, that’s amazing. Nice video!

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anyone have any tips or suggestions? I would love to know how I could improve!

You’re very quick at fixing your mistakes. If you missed the string, you didn’t even hesitate. Just kept on going.

Great job! :o

any more suggestions? I think I need to stop doing so many GTs :stuck_out_tongue:


no one wants to give the poor boy any more suggestions? :wink:

good job a lot better than me at 2 months. practice your mach 5 and getting the yoyo on one string, sometimes you had it on all of them. and can you thumb grind on your throw hand? if you cant try it. and try and learn kamikaze it looks like it fits your stile. and good idea with grinding with the sleeve.

yes, I can pop it and thumb grind on my throwhand. I just liked that shot because I was able to spin a whole circle while grinding. My mach 5 was pretty bad I know. I’m actually kinda better I’m just camera shy… I’m gonna work on a better video really soon. Working on suicide combos right now!

Remember to bring the yoyo as close to your finger when doing a Houdini or Double or Nothing to land on the string more often. Other than that you are great for only 2 months!

Gt’s are really fun, but you have the right idea. i see a lot of players doing millions of GT’s without any substance. If you find a new way into one, great, but put it in a combo. Also, i know you’re new, but its best to start smoothing things out early. And try to fit you’re tricks together better. Other than that, you’re doing great for two months. i couldn’t do plan d until I was like 6 or 7 months in! XD

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You’re definitely on the right track…keep it up…Good work ;D

no dont stop the triangles!!!

i have about to months of yoyoing and i try to do as many gt’s as i can

am trying to work on a trick with 3 gt’s and calling it tri-force dont care if some one steels this i just want to see it made by me or anyone^____^

keep up the good work man

CoughNecro BombCough Lol Jk anyways

Your much better than me, im like 4 months in yoyoing and your still better than me. Though back then you seemed to pause to much, lovin the GTs. Can’t imagine your skills by now.

workin on a new video! or you can see me at MA states if anyones in the area!

for 2 months, i have to say its one of the best yoyo vids ive seen… ever, now im ganna go practice to get the good too, well thanks for gettin me interested.

dude your amazing for 2 months in! and your grinds and gt’s are sick!

Woah! That is awesome for two months I have been doing this three months and your a lot better than me! Keep up the great work!