A Combo I'm Working On

Yes I know I messed up on my Mach 5. Other than that, do you have any tips to make it smoother?
Also can you name the tricks I did?
Note: Only 4


Cut your string, and yoyo with a darker backround while you record and then i’ll give you imput.

How long have you been throwing?

Definitely should shorten your string a lil bit. That will help tons! Overall pretty good

I will definitely cut my string. Any other tips and/or can you name the tricks

Only seriously for about a 1 1/2 months.

Keep it up!


Woahhh dude youre really good for only 1 1/2 months!


A kind of zipper, a bind, a mach 5 and a few rolls (not really sure what the name of that trick is unless it’s part of the zipper.)

If you want to improve this video then get brighter string, make sure you’re clothes are darker, maybe stand sideways so we can see clearer (only if you’re doing frontstyle tricks eg. split bottom mount tricks) and also as Nemyo said, get a darker background.

If you want to improve your yoyoing then try and not budge around so much, keep your fingers relaxed, work on individual tricks until they’re about 99% perfect and as others have said, obviously cut your string shorter.  By the way, I wouldn’t start working on combos just yet at your level but seeing as you’ve only been yoyoing for 1 and a half months, you’ll probably catch up onto harder tricks quicker which is where it’ll be easier to do combos.

A final thing as well, what yoyo are you using because you seem to not have a very long spin time which means you have to bind every so often.  This is extremely essential if you want to do more combos because it means you can’t do the longer ones and it affects your performance.

Hope this helps  ;D

You are right on the tricks. Also I am using a YYF WHiP. Now that I cut my string I get better throws and longer sleeps.