Yoyofactory Not Sponsoring the World Yoyo Contest?

Why isn’t there yoyofactory between the sponsors of the world yoyo contest this year???

They didn’t sponsor last year either. PM Ben McPHee and ask him.

Anybody have any idea as to why Yoyofactory is not sponsoring the WYYC? They put up a post on their website.

Probably best to ask them directly rather than have a lot of misinformed donkeys needlessly speculate and foment ill conceived rumors here.

Exactly. Maybe wyyc made a mistake? (lol). <----- joke post

I asked ben why on the nation and he said they received legal advice that suggested that they not sponsor contests in the region of the 5A patent.

They had a booth set up last year, which I don’t think the AYYA allows to non sponsors, so I don’t think them not sponsoring worlds last year is accurate.

Gotta be honest… Patenting 5a really causes a lot of problems just to be able to sell dice with holes…

Actually it is absolutely accurate. All they have to do is Pay Greg Cohen the fee for a booth. That’s it.

shhhhh. I don’t want to hear this bull again

YoYoFactory was listed as a sponsor on last years sponsor banner.

I heard it is because it is too humid in florida.
Ever tried to sponsor a contest with swamp crack?

that’s odd because there was controversy over it last year. Oh well. Why care anyway?

I couldn’t care less if they’re there! :smiley:

I think it’s pretty funny that Yomega is back, though

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Yeah Well they do make some of the best beginner yoyo’s out there.

thought they did sponsor but they didn’t have enough time to make a yoyofactory banner

Yomega FTW!!!

This is really interesting to hear. Honestly if you recieved legal advice to not do something, would you still do it? Not me. I already learned my lesson with that junk. I think it is almost poetic that they are protesting this patent stuff :slight_smile:

Directly from Ben. I guess we were all right. lol