t-sev teaches 5a?

what happened to the videos where tyler severance teaches 5a?

yeah all the 5a may videos are gone

yeah but those werent 5a may videos

Well, If you guys hasn’t Noticed, Those Videos that Tyler and Miggy Taught 5a Tricks, were for 5A MAY Only. Therefor, The Month, May, and Of course 5A May, is Over.

Sorry guys but unfortunately we had to remove all our 5A instructional videos. We are also not allowed to cover the 5A division of contests and have pulled all our 5A contest videos as well. :-\

can you email your tutorials to yoyobm@gmail.com?

The reason for the 5a snafu is?

Duncan owns the patent for 5a and they just don’t want yyf promoting it like that or sponsoring contests with a 5a division that is why they didn’t sponsor worlds this year

this is really old news and it doesn’t matter

You have no clue. This is old news but the actions are not old. Use your head please. Just because something can go moldy doesnt mean we should ignore it when it does. 5A is a movement by a lot of people, its their preferred style, and removing instructional videos and dissociating eachother with contests and companies just to be able to play in it is absolutely absurd.

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this has been discussed to death on other forums and ben asked that we just let it be, also steve brown the inventor of 5a has asked people to just put the subject to rest and not talk about it

well don’t make a big deal about it



You know, things like this have a deeper impact on me because I love Duncan (or at least used to…), but now I have less respect and appreciation for them. How is yo-yoing ever going to grow if you put limitations on it? I guess they just care about the money…

Wait, so yoyofactory can’t film 5a at contests because frickin duncan has a patent on counterweight!!! WTF!!! I am seriously P.O.'d!!!

So why didn’t yoyofactory sponser worlds exactly? Please answer.

i feel like q…

i leave for 1 MINUTE

and this happens…


duncan didn’t want them promoting 5a in any way and ben just didn’t to take any chances

Okay, then I get the not filming thing, but why can’t they sponser the contest? YoYoJam and a ton of others sponsered the contest, so why not yoyofactory?

three words spin top buttons