YoYoFactory Nine Dragons: A High Speed YoYo Review

I love it when companies think outside the box and try to add something new to the mix. In an industry such as yo-yos, there is only so much you can do to stand out. There are only so many shapes to work with and only so many materials at your disposal. It is the out of the box thinking that has brought us things like, metal bodies yo-yos, swappable axle systems, bi and tri metal designs… the list goes on. Some of this out of the box thinking has brought us novelties such as the Sengoku Masamini that I reviewed a couple months back. When I posted that review I was questioned for using the word novelty. It was thought that I meant it in a derogatory manner. That could not be farther from the truth. Novelty, to me, means original and unusual which are by no means bad things. If I had meant it in a derogatory way, I would have called it a gimmick. There is quite a bit of room between novelties and gimmicks. Today I am looking at YoYoFactory’s new product, the Nine Dragons. A yo-yo completely unlike any yo-yo I have ever used before. Could this be their best novelty design since the hub stack or will it end up being a gimmick used to drum up conversations about the company.

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Thanks for an honest in-depth look. :slight_smile:

Great review Chris. Thanks for doing it.

I just have to ask if YYF provided the product, or did you review your own? I know YYF has not historically handed-out yo-yo’s for review. If this was the first, I hope it is not the last :slight_smile:

Like many of my reviews, this was my personal yo-yo.

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Greatly appreciated! Your reviews are awesome.

Man, this yoyo doesn’t sound great!

But like all great innovators and their products, it is very risky and requires hard work to try something new. Well done, Yoyofactory, I know you’ll continue to review and refine this great concept you have come up with.