YoYoFactory Hubstack AFTERGLOW.. What is it?

YoYoFactory Hubstack AFTERGLOW… this came up on YYF’s Facebook.
What is it? A yoyo… hubstacks?! Anyone have the spy pic’s of this because I have tried seaching :-X

Sounds cool to me because… I love glowing stuff and stacks!!
Just curious what it is?!

The official name is the Hubstack and its the Afterglow Edition


It’s a yoyo called the Hubstack? And it’ll glow apparently?

Glowing hub stacks?

I like glowy things

Still a little lost… is it a yoyo? ???

Any picture’s of it out there?!? Hoping it glows… :o

I saw a quick teaser on the Slusny site. It’s a glowing hubstacked yoyo that also has LED lites. Sounds fun.

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Ah… now I am on the hunt!! Sounds cool… want to see it!
Combings that site now… cant read a freakin word but I will find it… lol
Thanks! :wink:

It’s plastic yo-yo with realy simple shape, fullsize. Made from glowing plastic, but also has light up system I think similiar to one in Duncan Freehand. In middle are hubstacks, but different system than previously used.

It’s not on sale yet.



Thanks VERY much!! Cant wait to see more on it… but I love anything that glows or lights up (since I was a kid… lol) so I will pick one up! Want to see more though… sounds like fun!!

Thank YOU Bína!! :smiley: :slight_smile:

Well, I want, bad