Afterglow collection? (specifically northstar)

How is the hubstack afterglow? cant imagine how it feels havent seen anything like it,

More importantly does anyone have a video or pictures of the northstar afterglow and if it performs well?

thanks for input

p.s. should i get a rally? vs hubstack afterglow vs northstar afterglow

To answer your last question first, the rally plays better than any of the other yoyos. But the northstar has that adde bonus of glowing in the dark. With that feature, I’d rather have the northstar. Now if we throw the afterglow hubstack, the northstar still outperforms it. However, the hubstacks are fun and the LEDs are a unique feature. But if you aren’t planning on going to a rave or club or down thing, it really doesn’t play all that well. It has bad spin time and isn’t stable. But for the price, it is worth every penny. Super fun, awesome YoYo, just isn’t the greatest playing.

I would agree on the Hubstack Afterglow, the lights and hubstacks are great but it feels a little plasticy and hollow, not solid like the plastic Grind Machine. I like the shape and it plays fine for me once broken in, I like that the stacks are wider than the standard hubstack but not z-stack sized. Definitely worth the price though, I’ve never tried a Rally but I hear it’s great and it’s on my buy list when the white ones come out.

I believe Y0Y0SR2PR0 has a tutorial and he’s using the NorthStar. There may also be a video with him in it too. Not 100% sure.

That rally is a very good yoyo. I know in ganna get a lot of hate on this but it gets boring very fast.( trust me I’ve owned two already) I would personally go with the northstar. Even though I’ve never tried it I have had a protostar so a heavy protostar =€£¥

The Entire Glow series was tested thoroughly by a Team of Experts, before even being considered for release( not unusual, obviously). But since there were a few pre release inconsistencies, Hans and Ben, held back the original Release dates, to make sure there would be NO issues.

The Hubstack Afterglow, the Northstar and the glow 1080 loopers are all outstanding: players and Values.

People will compare them to other yoyos(price and performance factors), until the Sun burns out.

Some yoyos are collectible. And some yoyos are great values. And some yoyos are great performers. And some yoyos are just a serious Kick to play with.

The Glow series are All of the above… And they Glow!

They weren’t released until they were ready to be Scrutinized.

You will Never see mine on any BST.

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Have they fixed the spacers yet?

Oh no so from my understanding the northstar afterglow does not have an led set in it like the hubstack? that’s very disappointing then :frowning:

I was asking for videos and pics of it in action so i could see how it works in the dark.

Can someone confirm if my understanding is correct?

Well, sadly, you misunderstood in the first place. It is not the ‘Afterglow’ collection. It is the Glow Collection.

The Northstar is the Glow Northstar.

The only LED model is the Hub stack Afterglow; hence the name.

The Hubstack Afterglow was built from the ground up, specifically to accommodate the weight placement offset of the LED boards.

If YYR would have added LED boards to the Northstar, it would not be a Northstar any more.

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The Northstar is my favorite plastic yo-yo. There is a grind surface on the glow Northstar too, so you get not only the glow, but a better grinding surface too. I love the colors with the blue and white, it looks killer. All for the same cost of the original. The best $30 spent on a yo-yo in my opinion.

I love my Hubstack Afterglow. It is the best ready made light up yo-yo I have tried, and it is fun, well in excess of the mere $20 it costs. I just wonder if that YoyoExpert color Afterglow has red lights in it. If it does…I might faint! I’m buying a second one this week. Oh, and it’s payday today too. ;D

I think the YYE edition is just a Hubstack, not a Hubstack AG so doesn’t have lights. Shame though, that would be amazing :slight_smile:

Yoyoexpert has both, standard and afterglow.

Got Afterglow yesterday, light up really nice, thanks to transparent caps much better than first version. It’s more for fun yo-yo, with lights and hubstacks, it plays ok, but you can get cheaper better playing yoyos(Speedaholic, Classic).

I’m wondering how long will battery last. Circuit is quite sensitive and I think it lights up quite often when I have in my bag. Just for fraction of second, but I think it will have some effect.

Right, but the one in black and red (YYE colors) doesn’t have lights.

Ah, I get it now. Thanks for clearing that up. I thought that YYE colored one might have some red lights haha. I didn’t realize that the Hubstack was a yo-yo without the lights too. I’m glad we cleared that one up. Thanks.

I’m still buying it! After all, it’s in my colors. :wink:

The glow northstar plays like a northstar lol nothing different other than them having a white northstar that doesn’t crack easily like the og red and white. I personally love it, the rally naturally plays better due to the hubs and all but i like to play with where my roots started lol