Yoyofactory hubstack after glow!

Hello all! Let me get the specs out of the way reeeeall quick:
Diameter: 58.36 mm / 2.29 inches
Width: 40.3 mm / 1.58 inches
Gap Width: 4.80 mm / .18 inches
Weight: 63.2 grams (61.2 for the after glow)
Bearing Size: SLIM Size C (.125 x .500 x .187)
or Size C (.250 x .500 x .187)
Response: CBC “Slim Pad” Size 19mm OD
Afterglow Battery Size: LR41 Button Battery

Alrighty, let me start off with why I bought this yoyo. I was given those glow mod glow sticks to try, and honestly, not SUPER impressed. Yes, I do like the veristilty, but other that that, they only release a dim glow when in use (NOTE they do look really nice with a really bright glow string though). I wanted a yoyo that I could do some pretty cool tricks with, and people could easily see (I like to street preform sometimes so when it gets dim out, people can stop and say ooh and ah.) I expected the after glow to be a little on the cheaper side, the lights not be as bright and the glow in the dark aspect not that good. Fair enough expectations for 25 bucks, but I gave it a shot.
Bam. Yoyo factory smacks my doubt out of me.
The afterglow lights are Amazingly bright! In a dark room, they will almost fill the room. I was so impressed with that, and since they came just in time for new years eve, everyone got a kick out of them when the ball dropped. The glow aspect is amazing. Super bright, and you can see where the yoyo is on a good glow.

Pros: Price. The price was right at 25 dollars for the after glow, as it comes with an unresponsive bearing already set up. (no response bearing though, just to note) The lights were amazing and since I clocked in almost 8 hours of throw time in just a few short days (with the orginal batteries) and they have no sign of depleting, I love that. I took the batteries in and out, just to see how hard replacing them would be, and not that hard with the right alan wrench.
Spin time was nothing to be frowned upon. If anyone has had a first release proto, it was kinda like that, better on some throws, worse on others. Don’t expect this throw to stack up to some plastic throws like the new derlin fro the YoyoFactory mystery box (the new gentry stein throw, sorry if spelled that wrong.) I thought the spin time was modest and correct for the weight, if that makes sense.

Best part of the pros (for me personally) was the HUBSTACKS! I love hubstacks. Love them. I’ve had k3, n9, and the 888 and I loved them all. I will be truthful, for hubstack tricks these aren’t the best. Out of all I just mentioned, I would rank these near the bottom, if not the bottom. BUT Consider this. For 20 dollars, you can buy a hubstack kit with bearings for 20 dollars. Throw in 5 more, and you can have them assembled, on a yoyo, that glows, and lights up. No brainer.

Also, with some monkey buff, the surface went to BARLEY grind able to eh. Not a big improvement, but there was some and I did feel I needed to note it.

Cons: Besides spin time and cheap plastic feel and look when not spinning, I had problems with pads. When I would rip start with the hubs, if I turned it side ways on my finger like a top, it would catch and shoot to my hand. (It was cool, but not what it was suppose to do.) My other issue was the sharp V shape kinda felt weird and hurt a tad when I hit a pad and a hard return.

All in all, I was SUPER pleased with this yoyo. I felt the cons were subject to the plastic nature, making them expected/excusable (at least to me). The reason I bought this throw, as I’m sure many other people’s reason were, was the LIGHTS. And the lights delivered! If you’re looking for a fun throw, for cheap hubstacks and lights up, stop, go to the shop and buy the afterglow. I’ve never been so happy for such a low priced throw. Over all rating, as a general throw, I give a 6.5-7/10 but as far as plastic throws go, a perfect 10/10.
So that’s all for this review, I hoped you all enjoyed it and throw on!

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Great review! I liked all of the detail you put in and I’m looking forward to the next one. :smiley:

Thank you! I was super passionate about this throw. XD next one should be of the brave or inspire, so I’m moving up on the price range!!!

They actually handed a bunch of these out for free at Las Vegas Open. Pretty neat.

Aw, really? I could always go for some free yoyos… :smiley:

I’m about to order the Duncan FHZ light up but have it shipped to you for a review first lol. To get a a good comparison between the two.

That is super cool and I agree with padawan, totally would love some free throws. XD

I’d feel so much pressure not to break it. XD I would be interested in totally review the freehand, but I never had a free hand I liked. XD Always open though!