yoyofactory FAST offstring review

I must say, I hate this yoyo. I bought it so i could do 4a. well, within a week the axel bent from hitting the ground. i fixed that and tho0ught, alright, everything’s good! well, two throws after i fixed he axel i missed the string and it hit the ground and the screw the hub attaches to snapped. The spacers were impossible to remove from the bearing. I had to use pliers to get them off. By the time i did get them off they looked like i had put them in a blender. The yoyo lasted a week, at most for me. i hate this yoyo, its almost like yoyo factory didn’t try.

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That sucks dude. I’m glad I got the hayabusa ;D

bigyo all the way :slight_smile:

you should have gone with the shinwoo griffin wing

I have been hearing bad things about the Offstring. Good thing I have a BigYo! It actually hit my plug thingie and the plug thingie broke, but nothing happened to my BigYo!

suckish yoyo indeed…griffin wing=amazing (thanks man :))

i did end up geting a griffin wing! i love it, i’ll make a review when i have time

Is the griffin wing really that good? I heard it breaks easily too…

I actually like the griffin wing. I should have bought one at PNWR.
I think they sold out at PNWR too

from my experiences griffin wings are tough. i have thrown mine up 20 ft in the air over a gym floor, tried to do a whip catch ( i was still learning ) and missed. its been fine and ive dropped mine ALOT so yeah i think mines pretty tough!

I’ve read that the bearing seat in the Griffin Wing breaks fast…

Im not sure what I want to get… I was thinking pocket change w/ offstring wings…