YoYoFactory Edge BEYOND is BACK

Edge Beyond has never looked THIS GOOD!

Edge Beyond is maximum rim weight and maximum power built for World Champion Evan Nagao! :large_blue_circle::large_blue_circle::white_circle::white_circle:

Featuring the classic Galaxy edition and a stunning new Silver Body w/ Rainbow Rings.

NEW-EdgeBeyond-Galaxy-1 NEW-EdgeBeyond-ClearRainbow-2


I think silver with rainbow rims is the cleanest colorway. It just never looks bad


wainbow EB

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I like Evan Nagao and his oppinion about his signatures throws.
In no way he mentions that one must have all the models and types, having a broader approach towards a yoyo for those who are starting to pros, besides mentioning cost/benefit, which seems to me a very valid opinion. Full support!