Looking for Edge Beyond

Yo yo yo. I’m on the hunt for an edge beyond. Pm me with what you got. Can trade or buy

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im guessing ur looking for the edge beyond but not at the 150$ price? :wink: i feel u

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I got two coming soon 1 from yoyofactory and other i bought from japan if I don’t like it ill let u know :slight_smile: the yoyofactory should come today hot pink blue rim.!! Im excited, but my friend received his a few days ago and had bad vibe so i hope thats not the case here.


got a brand new galaxy edge recently, dead smooth!

hope you get the same luck :grinning:


Nice!! I got these two im hoping the same


My pink one is coming today too. Hope this C grade EB gif would not panic you.

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Haha breaking nice to see u :open_mouth: seems we have same taste!! Yah thats scary my friend alex said there huge vibe on his. But damn hes got 5 in that picture lol i see them background one or those gotta be smooth af

I also heard from scales two or three days ago they gonna restock that silver one bought soo soo keep an eye out.

I see it on the coming soon section on rewind site. I hope they restock blue one.

I heard this run only have Nagao colorway and this pink.

Just a heads up for yall

They also have one on yoyo nest but its used and if u buy anythjng from japan through proxie u better add $40 for service fee and shipping.

I got a sleipnir from them last week worth it though imo lmao. That sleipnir was sexy af. I would do again in heartbeat

Id recommend buying a few yoyo up to 500grams if u do this to save money on combined shipping unless the deal is too sweat to pass up.

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I’ve never used yoyonest cause it was in Japanese and I couldn’t navigate

If you happen to sell either of them let me know man I’d be interested in the pink for sure

Yah my google translates to english otherwise i wouldnt know what the hell to do

Everything in english :slight_smile:


I just tried with mine and it’s still Japanese. But it’s cool. The wait is strong from that store and I’m an anxious boy

I am a detective look what i found!

Interesting i went to yyrewind international u dont see release date on edge beyond, but if you go to usa site guess what.


Th Japanese releases go up ahead on the other half as well I’ve noticed that too. But I didn’t know it went the other way also! Good info.

2 left if anyone wants edge beyond your welcome

cheers :slight_smile: come with awesome carry case pack strings pack not just 1 and plastic case of course :slight_smile:

Or go for the silver fade one releasing tommorow !!

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Thanks so much man I was able to find one this morning. We can close this thread up